What are Azure Stack’s Services?

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What are Azure Stack’s Services?

Post by soujanyabargavi » Thu Jul 05, 2018 9:34 am

Azure Stack is comprised of two components which constitute the whole product in itself

The infrastructure that is sold to the customers from any one of the Microsoft’s certified partners like Dell EMC, HPE and Lenovo

The software that is licensed from Microsoft itself.

The software is an amalgam of all the needed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) functions that can constitute the whole setup of a cloud platform which includes the Virtual Machines, Storage space, Virtual Networking / Monitoring.

Azure Stack includes some capabilities of a Platform as a Service (PaaS) application development that covers the inclusion of Azure Container Services, Microsoft Azure Functions Serverless, MySQL and Microsoft Azure SQL Server support.
The authentication for the whole setup comes in the form of Azure Active Directory (AD).

Customers do possess access to a huge variants of third party applications from Azure Marketplace that includes OS images from organizations like Red Hat, SuSE and also templates that can be installed to run applications like Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, and Mesosphere etc.

On the hardware standpoint, Azure Stack runs on a hyper-converged infrastructure stack that is certified by either Microsoft or Vendor partners who are certified by Microsoft itself.

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